Police: Baby found alone on Irvine Street wearing only a diaper

Police say a baby boy was found Christmas Day on Irvine Street wearing nothing but a diaper.
They say a family found 2-year-old Luis Angel around 10:15 a.m. on a stoop, dressed him and brought him to a firehouse on Seneca Avenue.
The baby was then evaluated by EMS and taken to Lincoln Hospital. Police say the child was not harmed.
Fire officials say it was a miracle that the residents found the baby and brought him to safety, where the NYPD could be contacted.
The NYPD says the child's mother had left their home to go to the store and had an aunt watch him when he wandered outside.
The aunt told News 12 she was in a different room when the child wandered outside.
The mother and child were reunited. No charges have been filed.