Police: Bronx man arrested, raped woman in ‘impaired state’

Police say a 25-year-old man raped a female victim at a Williamsbridge motel on Monday.
Yabi Jaw, of the Bronx, is facing rape and grand larceny charges. He was one of two suspects brought in for questioning for the alleged incident at the El Rancho Motel on White Plains Road.
Just before 7 a.m., a News 12 reporter showed a picture to a receptionist of the man police were looking for in connection to the alleged rape at the motel. The employee recognized the man as a regular at the motel and said he has been using a women's credit card to pay for the room.
The employee called 911 and police soon arrived on the scene to take the two men into custody.
Detectives say the 34-year-old victim was in an impaired state at the time of the incident inside the motel. They say her cellphone was also stolen by Jaw.
After waking up hours later, authorities say she was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital by a friend. 
Police have not provided any information yet about the second suspect who was questioned.
An earlier version of this story said the motel was in Olinville. It has been corrected to Williamsbridge.