Police: Bystander in police-involved shooting dies

Officials say a bystander who was shot during a police-involved shooting in Mount Vernon has died from his injuries.
Police say 61-year-old Felix Kumi was pronounced dead at Jacobi Hospital early Saturday morning.
The incident occurred Friday near the intersection of Tecumseh and Beekman avenues and was related to an NYPD undercover investigation into the sale of illegal guns.
Police say an undercover officer was contacted by 28-year-old Jeffrey Aristy, who informed the officer that he had guns for sale.
Authorities say the undercover officer met with Aristy in the Bronx. Aristy entered the officer's vehicle and directed him to drive to Mount Vernon.
Police say once the officer arrived in Mount Vernon with Aristy and parked near Beekman Avenue, a second suspect entered the back seat of the car, pointed a gun at the officer and demanded money.
The officer complied and handed the suspect his money.
Both the suspect and Aristy fled and the officer exited his vehicle, attempting to stop them.
That's when police say the suspect pointed the gun at the officer.
The officer fired his gun, striking the suspect multiple times in the torso. Police say that Kumi, who was standing behind the suspect, was also struck in the torso.
Police say a replica of a large caliber gun was recovered from the suspect as well as the officer's buy money.
That suspect who is only identified at this time as a 37-year-old man is in police custody.
Police say Aristy is also in police custody and is facing charges of criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal sale of firearms.
News 12 has learned that Kumi was a bus driver who lived in an apartment building with his wife and two children a few blocks away from where he was shot.
Kumi's landlord, Kenneth Dwyer, described him as "quiet" and said that he "was a very religious person" and a Jehova witness.
The gunman who was shot is recovering at Jacobi Medical Center. He, along with another man, are facing charges in the case.