Police checkpoint gives gifts, not tickets

Police in the Bronx spread some Christmas cheer Thursday, but not without shocking some unsuspecting drivers and their kids.
Imagine seeing police lights in your rearview mirror and having a pair of officers approach your car. Instead of getting a ticket, drivers got a Christmas present before being sent back on their way.
"I was like...'Why is he stopping me?'" said Jennifer Lebron. "Because he told me to go first, and then he stopped me, so I'm like, 'Oh my God. I'm in trouble.'"
Officers in the 47th Precinct set up a fake traffic checkpoint at Gun Hill and White Plains roads and singled out vehicles carrying young children.
They gave out toys and other play sets to the kids in an effort to both spread holiday cheer and improve relations with the community, officials said.
Children said they were pleased with the encounter.
"This is cool," surmised David Ramirez, who received gifts from the officers.