Police: Fordham Heights man fatally stabbed in the neck, torso

Police say a 61-year-old man was fatally stabbed early Friday morning inside his apartment building in Fordham Heights.
The NYPD identified the victim as Tyrone Padilla. Residents of the building at 2415 Creston Ave. tell News 12 that Padilla was a friendly and respectful neighbor who lived on the fourth floor with his mother and four dogs.
According to investigators, Padilla was stabbed multiple times in the neck and torso. He was taken to SBH Health System at around 1:30 a.m., where he died.
People in the building say he went to run an errand for his mother to get bread and milk. The stabbing took place when he returned. He was possibly stabbed outside of the building then collapsed in the second-floor stairwell, police say.
Neighbors, including Ailani Grullon, say they heard screams and saw Padilla in a pool of blood. Grullon adds she's lived in the building her whole life and that the area is getting worse every day.
Police did not reveal information on a suspect at this time.