Police ID man shot after allegedly threatening 2 officers

Police have released the name of the man they say threatened to shoot a police officer in Highbridge Sunday.
NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said the suspect's name is Ronny Cole, and he has a criminal background.
"Ronny Cole has eight felony convictions. Five violent felony convictions, including three armed robbery convictions, conviction for a gun. He's been in jail since 1990, and was released in April of this year," says Monahan.
Police say they approached Cole around 7 p.m. They say he appeared to be breaking into the rear window of a BMW that was parked across from 1093 Summit Ave. Investigators say Cole claimed it was his own car, but when he was unable to show the right keys for it, police began to arrest him. That's when the struggle began.
"What you hear quite clearly on it is as they're struggling, the suspect says, 'I have a gun' he curses and he tells the officer he's going to die. Moments after, you hear the shots go off," Monahan said.
Monahan said there is body cam footage, but only the audio is available because the camera was dislodged and pointed in a different direction during the altercation.
Police say a loaded 9 mm gun was recovered at the scene. The man who was shot was taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln where News 12 is told he is in stable condition.