Police identify the 4 victims killed in Queens stabbing spree

Police have identified the victims of the fatal stabbing spree that occurred over the weekend in Queens.
A man, identified as Courtney Gordon, 38, of the Bronx, killed four relatives, including two children, in a knife attack at their home early Sunday, according to the NYPD. He then set the building on fire and stabbed two police officers before one of them fatally shot him.
Police identified the victims as Miklia James, 11, Rojean Davis, 12, Suzette Taylor-Davis, 44, and Richmond Davis who was in his 30s.
His family told News 12 they tried doing everything to help Gordon as his mental health declined for years, such as getting him into a mental health facility, but his cousin says Gordon's aggression escalated.
"He just started to be disrespectful to everyone and he wasn't respecting everyone and wanted superiority… He would start lashing out yelling at people at the top of his voice to where neighbors wanted to know what was going on. So he had to leave and when he left, he went to a bunch of shelters," says Gordon's cousin Sean.
Gordon died on Sunday at the scene after police say he stabbed two police officers. His aunt is still in the hospital in critical condition.