Police officers patrol BX beaches during summer

As many Bronx residents hit the beaches this summer to get a tan or take a swim, News 12 took a look at some of the borough's police officers patrolling the beaches and parks.
Daisy Muniz is a Bronx native, mother of two and a police officer at Orchard Beach. She says that lost children are one of the biggest problems at the beach, and that she breathes a sigh of relief every time she returns a lost child to his or her parent.
Muniz's eight-hour shifts start at roll call, where she is given her patrol. It could be along the boardwalk or at the station house. She says she is sometimes called to handle frustrated beachgoers, such as when Orchard Beach was closed to swimmers on Thursday due to contamination.
Most of the time, she says, it is a great environment in which to work.
Muniz says that the officers' hard work comes down to ensuring all beachgoers have a safe and fun summer.