Police: Pregnant woman stabbed to death

A woman believed to be nine months pregnant was stabbed to death in Wakefield on Friday, according to police.
Police say that the 22-year-old victim was rushed to Our Lady of Mercy Hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. They say another 22-year-old woman is in custody in connection with the killing.
Police sources say they discovered the pregnant woman with her uterus and stomach missing and the baby in the arms of the attacker. The suspect told police that she was the one who gave birth to the child.
Authorities say the suspect strangled then stabbed the victim multiple times, cutting the baby out of her body.
The baby is expected to be OK.
DNA testing is underway to confirm that the baby did in fact belong to the victim. A police source says the suspect is undergoing psychological evaluation at the hospital and her boyfriend is being questioned by police.
She has reportedly admitted to the crime, but it is unclear why she claimed the baby was hers.