Police search for driver of car that struck teen riding bike in Greenlawn

Police are asking for the public's help in finding the driver of a car that struck a 13-year-old riding a bike in Greenlawn Monday night.
Police say the teen was riding along Broadway near Smith Street when he was hit.
The teen, whose name is Ryleigh, says his leg ended up under the car.
"I saw them and gave them like a heads up that I was going to go, and he went at the same time as I went and we crashed into each other," says Ryleigh.
Ryleigh says he got off his bike and started yelling at the driver, who then took off.
"He was crying and screaming," says Ryleigh's mom Sabrina Chery. "He told me he just got hit by a car and the car took his bike."
Chery says a witness got a picture of the car that drove away with the bike underneath it.
"It's really sad to know that there's people like that around this neighborhood that can do something like that to our children, not just mine, but anybody elses."
Ryleigh was taken to the hospital to be checked out and says he is doing fine.