Police search for man accused in Bronx robbery pattern, Gilrael Ruperto

Raphaela Garcia is still shaken up after the 72-year-old was robbed inside her Bronx apartment building. 
Police say she is just the latest victim in what they are calling an obvious robbery pattern.
Garcia says she was at the supermarket, and on her way home she felt like someone was watching her. Police say 26 -year-old Gilrael Ruperto followed Garcia into her building on East 137th street.
They say Ruperto came up from behind Garcia, sprayed her in the face with pepper spray, grabbed her and threw her agains the floor before stealing her purse. 


When it was all over, she says he made off with her important IDs she uses for benefits, and blood pressure medication.
Police say they have used a tattoo to identify Ruperto, connecting him to two other robberies where purses were stolen. 
One at East 153rd Street and Morris Avenue on Nov. 15, and another just a few blocks away on Nov. 8 on East 156th Street. 
Garcia says just wants this apparent serial robber caught before he hurts someone else.