Police: Man charged with murder in subway stairs death of Brooklyn mother

Police arrested 53-year-old David Robinson in connection the death of a Brooklyn mother over the summer.
On July 17, police say the 58-year-old woman and her son were walking up the stairs of the Canal Street subway station when Robinson approached them.
Police say Robinson grabbed the son’s backpack, causing him to fall down the stairs. They say the son then reached for his mother, causing her to fall as well.
Surveillance video shows Robinson leaving the subway station shortly after the incident.
The mother was in a coma for several days after her fall until her family decided to take her off life support.
Robinson is charged with murder and two counts of manslaughter.
MTA Communication Director Tim Minton issued the following statement: 
“This was a terrible crime over the summer and our hearts continue to go out to the victim’s family. Once again it is clear that with cameras in every subway station anyone who preys on transit riders can expect to be identified and face justice. We urge prosecutors to be as aggressive in court as the NYPD was in its investigation."