Police: Thief steals $60 from Bronx church

Police say a thief stole $60 and a box of garbage bags from a church in Crotona Park East this week.
The pastor at All Souls Evangelical Church says a thief stole about $2,000 earlier this year, prompting officials to install security cameras and a bolt on the rectory's door.
Those cameras recorded 30 minutes of the new thief's activities inside the church, according to investigators.
The cameras caught the suspect breaking in through a downstairs window, snooping through the building for about 15 minutes, and then using a crowbar to try and break into the rectory.
When the slender thief went to leave through a narrow window, the cameras show that he couldn't fit all of his would-be loot through the opening.
Police say they are looking into whether the two burglaries are connected.