Pop-up shop encourages early holiday shoppers to support Asian community

An organization dedicated to supporting Asian communities and businesses held a pop-up shop Saturday in Bushwick to encourage early holiday shoppers to buy local.
Hosted by the Asian Creatives And Entrepreneurs (ACE), the event is a series of pop-ups from the collective which brings marginalized communities together through networking.
"Home For The Holidays" focused on the ways holidays are celebrated throughout the Asian community. The group showcased over 40 vendors who sold everything from food to handmade jewelry.
Co-founder of ACE, Angel Yang, says the goal is to connect consumers with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
"We basically help small business owners and artists within the United States, We have a lot of national businesses here today, and many of them are from New York," said Yang.
Yang says you can support small, marginalized businesses this holiday season by buying gifts from those businesses.