Port Morris residents: Partial wall collapse isn't surprising

Bricks remain on the ground of a Port Morris street one day after a partial wall collapse that damaged several vehicles.
Those who live near East 140th Street and Walnut Avenue say they are just happy no one was injured after portions of the wall of the building that houses Paper Enterprises Inc. came crashing down Wednesday.
Others say they are not very surprised by the incident. One resident says there are a few old buildings in the area that are not taken care of.
"They don't do anything about it until this happens. Everything needs to be torn down and fixed back up," said one person.
The Department of Buildings say the building is not at risk of collapsing, but out of caution, they've cornered off Walnut Avenue between East 140th and 139th streets.
The DOB did have an open violation on the building from 10 years ago. They've now issued a new violation to the the building owner, ordering him to install a sidewalk shed and hire an engineer for evaluation.