Pre-med student says thanks to trauma doctor

A family returned to the trauma center at Jacobi Medical to thank the doctor who saved their little girl eight years ago.
Christina Fanqui was 10 years old when her school bus was involved in an accident.
"I was lightheaded," Fanqui recalls. "I couldn't see anything. I knew [I] was about to faint."
She lost consciousness and had become unresponsive by the time she arrived at the trauma center.
Dr. Sheldon Teperman discovered that the girl's kidney had ruptured in the crash.
He was able to preserve her kidney, but the rehabilitation was grueling.
"I had to learn to walk again," Fanqui says.
But Wednesday, Fanqui and her mother walked back into the pediatric intensive-care unit with Dr. Teperman.
Fanqui's mom sent the doctor an email to say thanks, which led to the grateful reunion.
And Dr. Teperman says he's thankful too.
"It made it seem as difficult a day, as difficult a month we were having that it was all worth it," he says. 
Fanqui is now studying pre-med at Ithaca College.