President Biden to make an appearance at G-20 summit today in Rome

On Sunday, a G-20 summit wraps up. Leaders from the world's 20 leading economies are meeting in Rome.
President Biden will attend his first G-20 summit as commander-in-chief.
He says he's working to prove the U.S. is ready to lead again on the global stage.
"If Biden is going to move past some of these foreign policy blemishes and restore trust, it's going to require more than just rhetoric touting the virtues of multilateralism," says Thomas Gift, director, UCL Centre on U.S. Politics.
COVID-19 is one of the several issues along with climate change, the global supply chain crisis and international economic recovery.
"Eight months into his presidency, Biden needs to reinforce clear expectations about what the United States wants from its global partners and what those global partners want from the United States," says Gift.
President Biden getting a win tonight - his proposal for a global minimum tax on multinational corporations is winning the endorsement of all G-20 leaders. Experts say the historic agreement could re-shape the rules of the global economy.
President Biden is meeting with some European leaders on Iran. In a joint statement, they're convinced it's possible to quickly restore the Iran nuclear deal.
The U.S. withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018.