Principal accused of sexual assault with St. Raymond’s student 30 years ago

A principal of an all-girls Catholic school in the Bronx is accused of sexual misconduct.
The principal of St. Raymond Academy for Girls is accused of sexual misconduct with a student approximately 30 years ago.
The allegations surfaced Tuesday after parents say they received a disturbing letter.
News 12 is told the pastor of the Church of Saint Raymond sent the letter home to parents, detailing that Sister Mary D'Antonio has been asked to step aside as principal of St. Raymond Academy for Girls following the alleged incident.
The letter states that the allegations were originally referred to the District Attorney's Office, who News 12 was told could not pursue the case because of time restrictions. 
Sister D'Antonio is not allowed any contact with the high school or students until the investigation is complete, according to the letter sent home. It is not yet known what kind of sexual misconduct allegedly occurred.
News 12 reached out to the Archdiocese, and it says there was nothing to add to what the letter already states.
Sister D'Antonio has denied all allegations.