Problems persist for Pelham Parkway tenants

Problems are persisting for some tenants of 1135 Pelham Parkway North who say they have been living without basic needs because their landlord is trying to force them from their homes.
They say their landlord, Goldfarb Properties, has been harassing them for more than a year because the property manager is looking to entice higher-paying tenants. Issues cited include the removal of laundry rooms without notice and shutting down elevators.
Inside the apartments, some residents are living without gas, heat or hot water. They have resorted to using hot plates to cook.
One resident tells News 12 that he was promised a new kitchen, but the Department of Buildings stepped in while construction was occurring. The landlord could not produce plans, so a stop-work order was issued.
Tenants reached out to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for help. The complaints prompted Schneiderman, the Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force and the state Department of Housing and Community Renewal to call for an investigation into Martin Scharf and Philip Goldfarb.