Proposed opening of ice cream shop that sells alcohol-infused flavors stirs debate in Long Beach

The Long Beach community is at odds over a new business that plans to sell ice creams flavors mixed with alcohol.
In a little more than two weeks, Tipsy Scoop will open for business on West Beech Street.
"Unlike traditional ice cream shops, just kids are not our clientele," says owner Melissa Tavss.
She says the store, which she is opening Memorial Day weekend, will join her other walk-in sites in Manhattan and Brooklyn that serves liquor-infused ice cream and sorbet.
"We have approval from the Nassau Health Department, we have the approval from the city now, we're ready to go," Tavss says.
Tavss says those 21 and over can choose from a variety of flavors, with or without alcohol.
She says everyone who buys the ice cream and sorbet that has up to 5% alcohol will have their ID's checked.
Tavss says one scoop is the equivalent of a light beer or light seltzer.
"It was a concern of what they're going to be selling," says Roy Lester, who's campaigning for a City Council seat in the upcoming primary. He says he's worried that people under 21 might try and buy the alcohol infused ice cream.
"We have an above average contingent of underage drinking, which is a problem and it's something we're trying to address," Lester adds.
Tavss insists her products with alcohol will only be sold to those who are legally allowed to buy them.
"It really is meant to be like a nostalgic treat, all grown up and we do a great job of labeling everything, so there's really no confusion," she says.
Lester says he and many other people just learned about what kind of store Tipsy Scoop was going to be at a council meeting about a week ago when the store was getting a parking variance for off-street parking.
He says he hopes next time people get the chance to learn about alcohol being sold in the town before things are voted and approved on.