Protesters rally to call on elected officials to bring an end to Israael's Gaza operation

People from across the city flooded Williamsburg on Monday to send a message to elected officials – a call to end the genocide taking place in Gaza.  
Protesters shouted, chanted, and demanded justice for the people in Gaza.  
“We are here because we are outraged,” said organizer Yitzchok Deutseh. “When we see a genocide happen every day and every night, whole families are being wiped out, we cannot be silenced.” 
New Yorkers of all ages gathered on North 8th Street in Brooklyn, bringing signs that said things like “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now.” Many protesters said they won’t stop taking to the streets until innocent lives are no longer in jeopardy.  
“There was a ceasefire, everybody thought that the cause would just die down,” said protester Husam Kaid. “The people kept the focus alive, they’re keeping the pressure alive and that’s exactly what’s needed.” 
Many protesters say they hope people understand that their march is for peace and that it’s a significant step towards ending violence in Gaza.