P.S. 207 seeing positive results in students after adding yoga to fall curriculum

An elementary school in Kingsbridge added a relaxation and mediation technique to its fall curriculum - yoga!
Juliet Sanchez is only 7, but she knows what to do when she gets frustrated or things don't go quite her way.
"I breathe in and then I count five seconds and I breathe out," Juliet says.
It's a relaxation technique students at P.S. 207 practice as part of their school day. Students from kindergarten to fifth grade have been taking yoga since the beginning of the school year, when P.S. 207 added the ancient Indian discipline to the school curriculum.
The school staff spent several months during the summer transforming the space into the school's first of its kind "Mindful Movement and Mediation Room" for students and teachers. There, they can practice yoga which combines physical postures, breathing and meditation exercises to build a healthy mind, body and spirit.
The benefits of yoga for some students seem to be going beyond the classroom.
P.S. 207 also offers yoga once a month to its school community.