PS 96 launches Girl Scouts program to raise money, encourage girl power

It is all about girl power for a group of girls at P.S. 96. in Allerton.

News 12 Staff

Feb 28, 2020, 11:58 AM

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It is all about girl power for a group of girls at P.S. 96. in Allerton.
This year, the school is offering a Girl Scouts program for the very first time.
The troop meets every week and is learning what it means to be part of a sisterhood

"It’s like my friends but just girls, me and my Daisies, my Brownies, my juniors, it’s like they’re my actual sisters but in school," says first grader Nicole Del Cruz.

The city-funded program is the first of its kind at P.S. 96

The girls get the uniforms, curriculum and more importantly the life lessons for free.
"I’m expecting them to grow smart and overpowering girls who have the courage to do anything they want to do in this world," says Noelia Driscoll, Girl Scout mom.

Parents say they like how the girls come together to solve problems. They say they are trying to clean up the neighborhood and are selling cookies to raise funds.

"Our goal was actually 750, but we sold 1,000 cookies," says troop leader Yasli Suero.

The girls say they plan to take lessons learned here and put them into use outside of school.

Suero says there are 36 girls in the Scouts at P.S. 96, and they are encouraging other girls to join and for other schools to launch their own Girl Scouts program.

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