Public advocate: NYCHA conditions represent failure at all levels of government

Williams says he and others are outraged at what they call a pattern of neglect by NYCHA leadership.

News 12 Staff

Jan 25, 2021, 2:53 AM

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Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is voicing outrage after several deadly incidents involving elderly NYCHA residents.
Williams says he and others are outraged at what they call a pattern of neglect by NYCHA leadership.
Three NYCHA residents were found dead in the Woodson Houses in Brownsville in three separate incidents. A man was recently arrested in connection to all three of their deaths.
On Sunday, Williams said NYCHA conditions are a failure at all levels of government. He was joined by other elected officials who say there is no reason NYCHA can't provide adequate security cameras and timely repairs in buildings, especially given that annual rent from residents' totals around $1 billion.
Williams says that for years, New Yorkers, activists and officials have been asking for more safety and quality of life improvements to NYCHA houses - and for years their requests fell on deaf ears. The latest victim in that series of homicides was Juanita Caballero, who was found dead on Jan. 15.
An attorney for her family says they are planning to sue NYCHA for negligence and wrongful death.
The attorney told News 12 in a statement in part, "NYCHA knew this building needed better security before Ms. Caballero’s death, NYCHA promised better security before her death, and yet nothing was done and now she is dead."
This also comes in the wake of another fatality at the Webster Houses in the Bronx.
Eleanor Dowe slipped and fell while walking down the steps of her building on Jan. 2 while trying to get to her doctor's appointment. Her elevator did not work.
She was hospitalized in a coma, but eventually died.
Her family says she reached out to NYCHA multiple times asking them to fix the lift before the accident.
NYCHA chief communications officer Barbara Brancaccio said in a statement,"The public safety of NYCHA residents is our top priority and we are currently investigating these incidents. Working with our government and community partners, we will continue to implement the solutions needed to fund and transform the Authority."

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