Public hearing sheds light on COVID-19 impact on prison facilities, future plans for inmate safety

Prisons and jails have been a topic of concern as advocates continue to speak up for the safety of the incarcerated amid the coronavirus pandemic.
On Tuesday, New York state senators held a public hearing and shed light on the coronavirus’ impact on prison facilities and discussed future plans on how to keep inmates safe.
“To these officials, I would ask any of them to imagine.. what it’s like to watch a parent or child die behind bars,” said Susan Li, “After my father passed away.. having been diagnosed with COVID-19 in a New York state prison. It’s still somewhat staggering to speak those words.”
Li, along with other advocates, are using their voices to demand better conditions for incarcerated New Yorkers--following a growing list of complaints of both poor medical care and living conditions.
Advocates spoke ahead of a New York state senate hearing on the impact of COVID-19 on New York state prisons and jails.
The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision also provided updates on inmate safety if a vaccination surfaces in the coming months.
Li tells News 12 she only wants to ensure the safety of all prisoners amid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
“Protect people in jail, in prison facilities... before more senseless, needless deaths have to happen,” said Li.