Puppy mill protest held outside Smithaven Mall

A crowd of people gathered outside the Smithaven Mall on Sunday to protest the puppy mill industry.
Protest organizer Keri Michael says out-of-state puppy mills prioritize money over care for the pups and their well-being. She says they're often shipped from the Midwest with little to no vet care and no socialization.
Kathy Pagartanis is a Three Village resident who blames the death of her new puppy on the puppy mill industry. She says her dog under 3 months old when it fell severely ill, forcing her vet to euthanize it. Pagartanis says the ordeal has been a nightmare for her family.
The ASPCA says the best way to make sure a dog isn't from a puppy mill is by meeting the dog's parents or mother, and seeing where the pup is being raised.
The ASPCA also encourages people looking for a pet dog to go to their local shelters or breed rescues.