Quipe Supremo: Bronx couple sells tasty treats from basement apartment window

A Bronx couple has been selling dozens of Latin delicacies like pastelitos, natural juices and quipes from their basement apartment window in Bedford Park.
Adria Almonte and her husband Jose have lived in the United States for 35 years and has been selling the tasty treats with her husband for the last five years.
Their restaurant Quipe Supremo has quickly gone viral on social media, garnering over 14,400 followers. Bronx residents flock to the restaurant for the unique setup. They can order their food right from Almonte’s basement apartment window, or as the restaurant likes to call it – En La Ventanita – which translates to “the little window” in Spanish.
News 12’s Brittany Cadet joined Almonte in her basement apartment to try out some of the tasty treats.