Racial Justice Commission releases report on structural racism in NYC

New York City's Racial Justice Commission is releasing its first report on structural racism in the city.
The committee was formed in March of this year, and this report is the result of input from the public. The committee is made up of 11 people who were given a two-year window to identify ways that institutional and structural racism exist in New York City as well as how to dismantle it.
Based on the stories of New Yorkers, the committee found six patterns of inequity that Black and brown New Yorkers face. They include:
  • inequity in quality services that promote social and emotional well-being
  • inequity in work, advancement, and wealth building
  • inequity within and across neighborhoods, marginalization and over-criminalization
  • inequity in representation in decision-making, enforcement and accountability of government
The group also found that the city's charter does not reflect the diversity of the five boroughs, and it plans to create a new preamble that does. This all comes after a year of protests in New York City and around the country for racial justice following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others.
In June 2020, hundreds were marching on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx calling for racial justice. The committee says it will spend the rest of the year looking over ideas it received from the public about how to solve these issues and turning those ideas into ballot proposals, which New Yorkers will get a chance to vote on in November 2022.