Rally against hate, anti-Semitism held at City Hall

Dozens of people gathered Sunday for a rally at City Hall against hate and anti-Semitism.
The rally was titled, "Name It to Fight It! It's Antisemitism!" and Assemblyman Dov Hikind was among those in attendance, along with coalitions like Yad Yamin New York, Women Fight Anti-Semitism, Zionist Organization of America and others.
Attendees pointed to what they say is a troubling rise in anti-Semitism.
Police worked to keep the rally peaceful, escorting out some people from the crowd.
It comes amid a call for the mayor and community advocates to come together and take a firm stand against hate crimes against Jews and anti-Semitism.
Mayor Bill de Blasio recently went on record to acknowledge that it his obligation as mayor to ensure the Jewish community in New York is protected every day of the year, adding that it's the "sacred responsibility of the NYPD as well."