Rapper Casanova speaks with BX youth on chasing dreams, staying out of trouble

Rapper Casanova stopped by the Bronx Tuesday, speaking to the borough’s younger generation at the Secor Houses Community Center.
The rapper encouraged the youth to stay out of trouble and to follow their dreams.
"I don't want you to think I'm coming here to preach, I just want to let you know it's possible to be on the right path," says Casanova.
Before speaking at the community center, Councilman Andy King and Casanova took part in juvenile justice hearing at City Hall. 
The councilman tells News 12 90 percent of young runaway youth in the system are people of color.

"So [it’s] important to have someone like Casanova, to tell the story [of] how a runaway, back and forth in the system, [and] getting locked up and saying, 'hey I'm not going to do this anymore,' to help," says Councilman King.
The rapper answered questions about his journey and what made him change.
He spoke to people about life on the streets, about the type of people they should surround themselves with and how to stay focused and out of trouble. He told them it's just not worth it. 

"Make better decisions, separate yourself from negativity and just want better for yourself,” says Casanova.