Rapper French Montana returns to the Bronx, donating $50K to help immigrant youth

Rapper French Montana came to the Bronx Wednesday to help immigrant students.
He performed at the Bronx International High School, telling the students that he saw himself in them because of his own immigrant roots. French Montana’s family moved to the Bronx from Morocco when he was 13 years old.
The rapper says he wants to provide the students with a lot of opportunities that immigrants don’t usually get, especially since he went through the same experiences they did.
He partnered with the Knowledge House, which provides technology skills to students, to donate $50,000 to create his own coding program.
The program, called the Karim Kharbouch Fellowship Program, is specifically for Bronx immigrant students. 
Instructors from the Knowledge House say these types of programs are not the only ones who need support, but  the immigrant youth too, so they can fulfill their goals.
Elvis Garcia, the lead instructor for the Knowledge House at the Bronx, says three immigrant students got apprenticeships with JP Morgan last year after going through the program.