Rat infestation has tenants growing impatient

Tenants in Claremont are terrified to take out their own trash, saying that rats are crawling all over the place and nothing is being done to get rid of them.
Renters say that at any given time they have to watch where they are stepping to make sure they aren't walking on top of rats, saying that it tends to be the worst at night.
Tenants say it all started nearly two years ago, after construction on a gas line left a large hole in the ground.
Rat traps have been set up by garbage cans, but tenants say that they just aren't working the way they should.
Terry Usry has lived in her building for nearly 30 years. She walks with a cane and says that sometimes she has to avoid the sidewalk because of the rats and walks in the street.
"What if someone gets bit?" she says. "We are talking about diseases, we are talking about illnesses, and we are talking about harming yourself because you're trying to get away from rodents."
Tenants saying they don't know how much more they can take, and they are hoping they see some sort of relief soon.