Rat infestation takes over Brownsville neighborhood

Residents fear leaving their homes as rats scurry across their feet and chew through the wires of their cars.

News 12 Staff

Jan 10, 2022, 1:02 PM

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Residents in Browsnville are speaking out as a major rat infestation takes over their block, leaving those in the neighborhood in fear of leaving their own home.
Nefertiti Clarke, one of the many residents on Saratoga Avenue troubled by the growing rodent issue, says that people can hardly leave their homes or get into their cars without rats running over their feet.
"Usually you would think that a rat would not cross you because you're walking," Clarke says. "Absolutely not. These are Brooklyn rats."
She says residents constantly have to run from the rats, sometimes even fleeing into the roadway to avoid having their feet scurried over by the rodents.
"Fight or flight," Clarke says. "You're going to run. so you're running toward that way because there's nowhere else for you to run."
But the rats don't stop at just being a nuisance.
Kathy-Ann Mclean says the rats even chewed through wires in her car, leaving her with expensive repairs to get the car running again.
She has lived in the neighborhood for nearly two decades, and says the rodent infestation has never been as bad as it is now.
"It's really frustrating, because you're paying taxes, you're paying a huge mortgage, and you have a driveway you can't even park your car in," Mclean says.
Residents in the area have submitted multipole claims to 311 hoping for relief, but are waiting for the rat issue to be addressed.
News 12 reached out to the city for a response and is waiting to hear back.

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