Resident's car totaled as drag racing continues in the Bronx

A Bronxite begs for safer streets after he became a victim to drag racing.

News 12 Staff

Sep 23, 2021, 2:24 AM

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A Bronxite begs for safer streets after he became a victim to drag racing. 
Henry Pelayo says he has lived at his home off Soundview Avenue since 1978.
He says that lately he’s been dealing with a problem like never before. 
"There's been a lot of drag racing everyday. Especially heavy on the weekend. They're going 80-90 mph from Gildersleeve Avenue all the way to the water, the ferry," says Pelayo. 
Pelayo told News 12 that he has now become a firsthand victim of the drag racing problem after his car was hit on Sept. 11. 
He says that his car was sitting on the corner of Stephens Avenue and Soundview Avenue when one of the cars that were drag racing knocked into it, causing it to crash into a telephone pole - totaling it.
Pelayo says that the accident report lists the drivers who hit his car as teenagers from Washington Heights. 
Assemblyman Kenny Burgos says enough is enough and that he is tired of Soundview Avenue being a drag strip. 
"Maybe we need some more speed cameras, I know speed bumps are sometimes a bit of an issue because of bus routes but more speed bumps, more speed cameras, and just a lot more enforcement,” says Burgos. 
Burgos is pleading with the city to take action. 
Other community leaders are concerned but thankful that no one was hurt. 
"It really brings a lot of fear to think that it could've happened with someone sitting in the vehicle and actually could have caused an injury or fatality," says Shirley SanAndres-Alonzo, the assistant district manager of Bronx Community Board 9. 
With Pelayo’s car a total loss, he tells News 12 that he is now left without transportation and must get a new car. 

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