Residents: New ferry route causes parking headaches

Some Clason Point residents say parking spots in their neighborhood have become scarce after the launch of NYC Ferry's Soundview route.
Yolanda Del Rio says she leaves her house at 5:30 a.m. daily and has to walk several blocks to get to her car. She says coming home is no better, as it can take 20 minutes to find a spot.
While News 12 was in the area Wednesday morning, only a couple of spaces were found.
The New York Economic Development Corporation says it's going to work with the MTA to expand B27 bus service down to the ferry to try and help alleviate the parking problem.
The EDC also says the ferry system was designed for people who live and work near the water, with almost 70 percent of people being able to walk to the landing.
The city Department of Transportation is installing bike racks this week, but some say they'd rather get residential parking tags to help the issue.
For now, the EDC says it's trying to find other potential parking areas, but none have been found within walking distance of the ferry landing.