Residents of Jamie Towers continue to live with undrinkable water

Tenants tell News 12 that the brown water has become their reality.

Feb 20, 2024, 2:41 AM

Updated 62 days ago


Residents of the Jamie Towers apartment in Castle Hill gathered at a meeting on Monday night to discuss the contaminated water in the building.
News 12 spoke to tenants back in 2020 when the issue first began, a second time in 2022, and, recently, in January 2024. For the tenants, not much has changed and the brown water has become their reality.
"I have a delivery once a week,” said resident Maxine Breeden. “Four bottles, 20 gallons of water. I need it to brush my teeth, rinse my foods, cook my rice, pasta.”
The tenants tell News 12 that they developed their own way of testing if the water is clear by tying baby wipes under their faucets.
Most of the tenants at the Jamie Towers are elderly and many suspect that their illnesses are due to the dirty water.
News 12 reached out to Maxwell-Kates Incorporated, the company that owns the building. In a statement, they said, “We have been the managing agent of the Jamie Towers complex for less than a year and so are continuing to identify and address issues affecting residents as they arise. This issue predates our tenure. Maxwell-Kates has sourced proposals from four qualified environmental testing firms to do comprehensive testing of the water in all four Jamie Towers buildings.”

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