Retired NYPD detective hopes to reunite with mom, baby he helped deliver in 1994

A retired NYPD detective who worked in the 48th Precinct is trying to reunite with a Bronx mother and her baby, who he helped deliver over 20 years ago.
On a summer night in 1994, NYPD Det. Angel Maysonet had to deliver a woman's baby inside her Tremont apartment alongside his partner Jimmy.
"We ran up the stairs. We got there and she basically was lying on the living room floor," says Maysonet.
He says the woman already had a few kids, so she was the expert in this situation. Maysonet was just a rookie officer at this point, and had no kids of his own.
EMS ended up being backlogged, so Maysonet thought all he would do was keep the mother calm until they arrived. That wasn't so.
"It was apparent that the baby wasn't going to wait," says Maysonet.
Maysonet says the woman's sister was there, claiming she was a nurse in Honduras.
"She kinda got down there with me. She was nervous and I just put my hands, and I went in there, and I turned the baby around and I pulled her out. She came out," he says.
The former detective doesn't remember the exact date when the event happened, but he clearly recalls where it happened -- 1967 Marmion Ave., on the top floor.
Maysonet thinks about the mother and baby often and posted a photo on social media to hopefully one day be reunited.
"I would love to see her. I mean, she'd be 24 years old now, I mean, I couldn't imagine. It would be pretty emotional, you know, just to see her, and see how she was doing," says Mayonset.