Riders Alliance: 650,000 riders affected by unreliable buses

The Riders Alliance says it is pushing the MTA to redesign the Bronx buses' amenities and ways of operation because riders are suffering from their current poor performances.
Riders that take the Bx1 and Bx2 buses from 149th Street don't have shelter from bad weather or a place to sit. The riders say that they instead have to sit on the steps of a nearby post office while they wait for their ride.
Other requests from the Alliance include creating a faster bus service, improving both bus lanes and improving access between the boroughs. These requests come as the MTA is reforming its bus network. The Riders Alliance wants the MTA to focus especially on the Bronx because they say 650,000 riders are affected by the slow and unreliable buses.
The MTA says it is going to take a blank-slate approach to bus reform. It says this will bring tangible improvements at every level, such as speeding up ride times, redesigning routes and rewriting schedules.
The Bronx Bus Network Redesign is expected to have a final plan that they will showcase to the public in the early fall of this year.