Riverdale Boy Scout cleans community walkway as part of Eagle Scout project

A Boy Scout working to become an Eagle Scout took on a special project in North Riverdale.

News 12 Staff

Mar 7, 2020, 10:59 PM

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A Boy Scout working to become an Eagle Scout took on a special project in North Riverdale.
Logan Marquez said he found his project on his own block.
"It’s personal and also part of the community. I feel something is going to happen eventually where and accident is going to happen, and I just wanted to change that," Marquez said.
The walkway along West 2 60th Street was covered in debris and dirt, which made it difficult for neighbors to travel through. So Marquez took matters into his own hands.
"I cleared all the shrubs and roots, and right now we are still flattening out the area," Marquez explained.
Local stores donated bags, along with some rakes and shovels, to help Marquez with his project.
"It’s something to look up to because it’s something we all wanted for a long time, everyone around this community. And I think the fact that he's just stepping up to the task and doing it is something to look up to," said his brother, Connor Marquez.
His father Al Marquez said he and his wife are very proud of the project their son worked on.
"It makes me proud that he's growing up to be a responsible citizen,” Al Marquez said. “I mean, not a lot of people do this. People walk by here every single day. Somebody takes up the project and it’s fantastic."
Marquez couldn't do it alone. His friends, family and fellow Boy Scouts from Troop 240 came out to help.
"It’s really cool. Everyone in the neighborhood, the friends they all have that connection, and it’s what bring us all together as one. And I think it’s just a good thing 'cause it’s a help-me, help-you situation. They are all here for Logan and then one day we will all be there for them," Connor Marquez said.

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