Riverdale community wants to preserve the beauty of Brust Park

Riverdale community wants to preserve the beauty of Brust Park

A group of Riverdale residents has banded together to save a neighborhood park.
They started a petition to halt construction of an apartment building that would be built adjacent to Brust Park. The plan would demolish a single-family home adjacent to the park and build a 29-unit apartment building on the private property. 

The Coalition to Save Brust Park is circulating a petition within the community against the development. The petition now has 1,000 signatures.

One of the main concerns for the group is that the height of the proposed building would block sunlight on the park and also disturb its peaceful setting.  

A spokesperson for developer Timber Equities tells News 12 that the building's height meets the neighborhood zoning requirement for a residential community.
In a statement, Timber Equities added, “Brust Park is a wonderful resource for the neighborhood and our project will not touch the park nor impact any of its great community programming. We'll continue to maintain an open line of communication with local stakeholders as we move forward with this as-of-right development, which is contextual with the size and scale of neighboring buildings and which will deliver much-needed rental housing for the Bronx."

Timber Equities says it will continue to update concerned neighbors about the development plan.