Riverdale Y rolling out plan to increase tolerance in the community

The Riverdale Y says it is taking new initiatives to increase tolerance in the community.
The new program “We Are The Bronx” aims to unite the neighborhood through different events and activities in an effort to create a more tolerant environment.
"Even before Oct. 7-- hate has become an acceptable thing in our society, which is a horrific thing,” said Rabbi Kaplan, of the Riverdale Y.
Other leaders at the location say the program will help bring difficult conversations into the spotlight and help people become more accepting of one another. The program will open its doors to new members across the entire borough.
"It's the work that needs to be done. The Y feels very honored to be in a position to be the coordinators of this project, and I hope that it's just the first of much more that we're going to be able to do to try to bring the Bronx together,” said Matt Abrams Gerber, of the Riverdale Y.