Road Trip: Close to Home: Exploring Woodlawn

In this week's Close to Home, News 12 explores Woodlawn -- a slice of Ireland right here in the Bronx.
So, whether you're looking for somewhere fun to explore for St. Patrick's Day or just looking to experience some Irish culture, Woodlawn has it all.
Katonah Avenue is home to a large Irish immigrant community bursting with Irish culture and pride. Bars and restaurants, like the Rambling House and The Kitchen, dish up authentic Irish food and drinks.
"We are very proud of the Irish heritage we have here. Woodlawn itself has a lot of Irish immigrants and throughout the years this neighborhood has also become a mixing, melting pot for people of all backgrounds. They come here they enjoy the shepherd's pie, the corn beef and cabbage and we're very proud of our Guinness pint," says Tara Carty, manager of the Rambling House.
The neighborhood even boasts its own Irish butcher.
All of the experiences will make you feel like you've traveled across the Atlantic.
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