Saddle River considers plans to cull deer population

Saddle River officials are considering some plans to cull the town’s deer population.
Local lawmakers were supposed to vote Monday night on whether to reduce the population by killing the animals, but that vote was postponed.
The ordinance that lawmakers were considering would have allowed the United Bow Hunters of New Jersey to kill deer over the next two years. 
Supporters of the plan say that the deer are eating plants in the town and bring about the threat of Lyme disease. They also say that reducing the deer population will also help reduce car accidents.
But other said that the ordinance was too vague. It did not indicated how many deer were to be killed or if neighbors are to be notified of the hunt.
There was also a question as to if $5 million in liability insurance was enough if there was an accident during the hunt.
Other opponents say that killing the animals, especially by bow hunting, is cruel.
It is believed that 200 to 400 deer roam around Saddle River.
The Saddle Brook Borough Council will now rewrite the resolution and vote on it at a later date.