Salvation Army bell ringer gives back during holidays

A Salvation Army holiday donation bell ringer says his work is giving back to the group that helped him when he needed it most.
For six days a week over six weeks, Thomas McCray rings the donation bell for the organization. Being a recipient of those donations for many years, McCray says the Salvation Army was there for him when he couldn't find a job to help support his wife and two daughters.
McCray says he thanks the Salvation Army for giving him a chance. And while bell ringing can be a thankless task, he says, no Scrooge can break his spirit since the job has already provided him with his Christmas wish: making his children happy.
The money put into the donation bins goes back to the Salvation Army in the Bronx, which uses those funds to help local families. McCray's captain says the money collected during the holidays accounts for nearly one-third of their annual donations.