Sayville residents against self-storage company setting up shop in community

A self-storage company is looking at Sayville for its next location, but many residents in the village tell News 12 they feel it's going to ruin their community.
Safgeguard wants to put a $10 million facility at the former athletic complex F 14 Sports, but it has sparked a zoning fight between area businesses and the developer. To put the facility there, the Town of Islip would need to change the zoning from a business zone to an industrial zone.
The matter was considered at a meeting Thursday, but no decision was made.
The Sayville Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and some nearby residents are vehemently against the idea, saying, a self-storage facility would encroach on the look and feel of the village’s Main Street and not bring in any foot traffic or revenue to nearby businesses.
"It is not a good project for our community," said Eileen Tyznar, a member of Sayville’s Chamber of Commerce. "Doesn't fit. The next person is gonna want a vape shop or wants an adult shop or wants anything else they can challenge and ask why can we not have a zone change. It's a slippery slope."
"I would have to drive through it every day," added Matthew Juvet, a Sayville resident. "There's gonna be 24 hour lights and people coming and going." 
Stanley Bonilla, SVP of Safeguard, says architects have designed the building to fit in with area homes, and pledges he wants to work with the community. 
"My goal always is to be the best neighbor we can possibly be because it the neighbors who we are serving," said Bonilla.