School and local artist host anti-bullying concert

The New York Institute for Special Education held a concert Thursday to mark National Bullying Prevention Month, with the help of a local artist.
The New York Institute for Special Education and electronic dance music artist Jline said the concert brought out the message of respecting others and tolerance.
Jline had personal experience with bullying when he was younger, and he wants kids to know bullying is not the right thing to do.
Assistant principal Jason Laracuente said the concert’s message was clear.
"I think what they're getting from this concert today is the message of anti-bullying and being tolerant of each other, in the world we're living in today and with everything that is going on," Laracuente said.
"I do know that hopefully for a second in their life, they felt inspired,” Jline said. “Felt that someone else was coming out of the darkness.”