School holds ‘The Power of One’ celebration to honor generous donor, fathers

With Father’s Day around the corner, kids of the Marcus Garvey school threw together a celebration of male role models in their community – and pointed out one in particular.
The party honored the kid’s dads with performances, food and speeches, but every student gave thanks to Albert Williams. Williams, who is the president of the Best Deal Car Service on Burke Avenue, was made aware months ago that the technology of the school needed an update.
He donated a smart board, tablets, computer and even flooring, all to provide the kids with what they needed to succeed.
To celebrate the dads and Williams, the kids all gathered together to honor them, titling it “The Power of One.”
The title comes from the idea that one person can start a change and make a difference, and that’s what Williams did for the students.
Although the school year is almost up, the kids look forward to putting the new tech to use in the fall.