Senior living residents in Princeton get long overdue visit from some furry friends

Residents living at the Brandywine Senior Living center in Princeton got a special treat - a long overdue visit from some furry friends.
Marty's Place, a senior dog sanctuary, invited residents to visit Thursday to pet and play with the dogs. The organization has been running the program for the past four years.
"We were looking forward to seeing the dogs," says Iris Bing, who lives at Brandywine.
For Iris and many others, it brings back memories of the pets they once had.
"We always had a dog. I love the golden retriever too," says Bing. "My daughter had one, and they're pretty."
The annual tradition hasn't happened in two years because of COVID-19 precautions. This year, organizers say it was important to make sure it happened.
"Just to see some of their faces light up and to see the interaction and to hear their stories about dogs that they may have had in the past. We know that we have brightened the days of the seniors," says Doreen Jakubcak, founder of Marty's Place.