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First day of annual Our Lady of Mt. Carmel feast kicks off with festival

Hundreds of excited people were in attendance for the first day of the annual Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast.

News 12 Staff

Jul 7, 2021, 9:17 PM

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Hundreds of excited people were in attendance for the first day of the annual Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast.
A procession of worshipers made their way into the shrine at the Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel for Mass at 7 p.m. Wednesday.
The festival was canceled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year, things are back in motion.
Food vendors were on site, and games and shopping were also available as many enjoyed the festivities.
A lineup of events include a fun procession with the Giglio plus more.
The pastor explained why this year’s feast is significant.
"Last year was the first time in 75 years that we didn't lift the Giglio, the first time in 135 years that we did not have a feast in honor of our Lady of Mount Carmel and a procession,” says the pastor. “So, last year we really felt it, I mean as hard as it was to lose people that died…this was almost like a death for us.”
For nine evenings, worshippers will begin singing prayers dedicated to mothers with high-risk pregnancies, children with illnesses and front-line workers who were sick or died of COVID-19.

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