Shoppers say Mott Haven supermarket failed to enforce social distance guidelines within store

Customers say they struggled to maneuver around busy workers and tight aisles cluttered with grocery deliveries inside the Pioneer Supermarket on Saint Anne's Avenue.

News 12 Staff

Apr 4, 2020, 2:30 AM

Updated 1,561 days ago


Shoppers in Mott Haven say their local supermarket isn't doing enough to enforce social distancing.
They tell News 12 that Pioneer Supermarket on Saint Ann's Avenue is often crowded with people.
After News 12 brought these concerns to the manager, a worker was stationed outside to prevent overcrowding in the store.
A spokesperson for Associated Supermarket Group, which provides retail solutions and services to independently-owned supermarkets like Pioneer, says they gave stores guidelines on proper shopping hygiene, social distancing and crowd control.
The spokesperson added that supermarkets like the one on Saint Ann's Avenue are on the front line of the crisis, doing their best to keep shelves stocked and their doors open.

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